President Speech

President Speech

For last 30 years, JiaoGuang has been dedicating to achieve best products and service for our customers around the world. We hereby appreciate all of our employees' efforts and their spirits of persistence and innovation. From a small factory founded in 1984, now JiaoGuang Group has become a leading lighting manufacturer in China.

Started with decorative lighting business, currently JiaoGuang is growing up quickly on its new LED lighting products, due to excellent products design and quality, factory direct price, we occupied global market quickly, such as USA,Europe,Mexico,Brazil, China.

At the beginning of new century, we have confidence in ourselves, we will keep building best R&D team and equip with advanced production line, which can support our customer with big scale of production capacity and product’s quality.

 We appreciate all customers' business, and welcome you to join us to share the joy of our success.

Jiao Guang group  

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