Company fire drill training
Column:Company news Time:2020-10-21

On October 12, deputy chief of security of Jiaoguang Group——Feng Zhaolong, gave a speech on matters related to this security month, and through carrying out emergency rescue exercises, all staff are required to master the correct way to  escape and how to use the fire extinguisher correctly, to enhance the awareness of all staff safety and improve enterprise safety quality. 福建体育彩票11选5现场开奖 云南十一选五爱彩乐 贵州幺鸡麻将操作技巧 爱玩棋牌的城市 湖南快乐十分走势图下 宁夏11选五开奖结果组三 手机麻将赌博害人 脉动棋牌双升比赛视频 上期算出下期规律公式 河北十一选五助手官方下载 灰熊vs魔术灰熊vs爵士 网上棋牌有作弊吗 吉祥棋牌游戏大厅 快三如何判断下期大小 4399捕鱼大亨游戏 决战卡五星官方下载 攒劲甘肃麻将app官网版