Company fire drill training
Column:Company news Time:2020-04-18

On April 16, deputy chief of security of Jiaoguang Group——Feng Zhaolong, gave a speech on matters related to this  security month, and through carrying out emergency rescue exercises, all staff are required to master the correct way to  escape and how to use the fire extinguisher correctly, to enhance the awareness of all staff safety and improve enterprise safety quality. 福建体育彩票11选5现场开奖 htc手机捕鱼达人作弊 排列五杀号彩经网 北京十一选五手机板走 闲来江西麻将官网 安徽有哪几种麻将 北京快中彩计划软件 东方6+1技巧 福建十一选五走势图一定律 捕鱼达人图标 欢乐麻将好友房开挂 96棋牌官网 江苏快3预测专家预测号码 wow 捕鱼大师的工具箱 鄂尔多斯麻将规则 沈阳娱网棋牌手机版下载 来灯高手主论坛资料